Text Analysis: Up in the Air

CC Image Airplanes by Jason O’Halloran at Flickr

Trailer: Up in the Air



Cast and Crew


  • What: Emotion in the firing montage.
    • Why: To get a more realistic effect in the firing compilation scene.
    • How: Used original experiences of workers that got fired.
  • What: Hiding the camera – Made the actors comfortable
    • Why: To make the actors comfortable when they might not have had acting experience.
    • How: Asked questions for 5-10 minutes before they shot the scene and they also used black fabric to cover the main part of the camera.
  • What: Backpack Speech
    • Why: Based on an event of personal experience. This added to the film to give a personal feel.
    • How: Thought about a life event, then wrote about it.
  • What: Aggressive typing
    • Why: Important to show how committed this character is.
    • How: The leaders of this film would do many takes – asking Anna Kendrick to type harder to show more emotion.
  • What: Shooting in live hotels
    • Why: To make the setting more realistic
    • How: Shot their clips in a hotel without it shutting down.
  • What: French Reverse
    • Why: They wanted to keep the darkness in the background
    • How: They would move the boat around just for the background.
  • What: Video Conference
    • Why: To reduce the amount of filming time and make it easier to show realistic reactions.
    • How: All shot in one day – One person in the other room on a video conference. Filmed real-time.
  • What: Handheld shots
    • Why: Mirrors composure
    • How: Held the camera with hands to give a natural shake.
  • What: Fake Snow
    • Why: Shot in winter to make the story more realistic
    • How: Used paper shavings for a snow look alike.